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We are always proud when we get recommended by our former clients to new ones. ‘Word of mouth’ is our prevailing and the most usual way of getting involved in new projects. Satisfied customers are, and always will be our dominant aspiration. It is a remarkable feeling knowing that only services we provide can generate new clients and new partnerships.

Deallus is one of the many companies which came to us throughout this route. They are a strategic intelligence consultancy company that operates across the global life sciences sector. Their mission is simple: to prepare you for the future. Accordingly, they will deliver the forward-thinking assurance you need in an uncertain and highly competitive world. ‘Deallus’ /di æ lus/ is a Celtic word which stands for intelligent, insightful and understanding. Throughout our cooperation, we had a unique opportunity to confirm that they indeed personify their name. Therefore, we are highly appreciative that they valued’s culture, way of work and our services.


Innovative and intuitive software solution:

Deallus is a primarily consulting business. Accordingly, they are always in pursuit of the finest solutions on how to accommodate their clients. Predominantly, their communication with clients was relying on email communication. To achieve a better stream of communication, Deallus went on a road of discovery on how to share all information seamlessly between employees and clients. Becky Karver, Deallus’ Chief Operations Officer, based in New York, explained that:

"There were many suggestions over the years in the business about ways that we can automate some of the processes that we were doing manually. That was a sort of challenge."

The life science sector is a branch with some heavy competition. Sometimes, you have to lean on your intuition and possible innovation. On the other hand, it is crucial to be up to date and follow market trends. In case that any of Deallus’ competitors can offer similar communications tools, there is a possibility of being left behind and losing business. Being a company that brings “strategic intelligence to the life sciences sector” with “experienced and dedicated life sciences specialists”, they knew that the automation process could be quite challenging. Accordingly, their choice of the partner for this project was strict and careful:

"We felt like going to a tendering process can be quite lengthy. We didn’t know what to expect from all these processes. But, we loved Matt’s and Tony’s approach, in terms of really getting under the skin of the business and be able to articulate, from a tech perspective, what we needed. That is the main thing why we decided to go with"

Knowing our client’s challenges and understanding their needs, we wanted to create an information management platform that helps its users to manage their competitive intelligence insights by aggregating them in a single repository. Our software solution for Deallus found embodiment in Mosaic – a platform for data and project management. Mosaic is making competitive analysis faster and easier by automating many processes. Accordingly, users can do their project planning, create and track their goals, log all insights they get and do the analysis of collected information. Mosaic contains files storage, meeting notes, house rules and many other features that help project management get easier. Most importantly, we wanted to establish Mosaic as an intuitive medium that conveniently associates Deallus’ employees and their clients. We were delighted to introduce them to a web application portal where they can have all projects stored and easily house all project documents.

"We had some great feedback from our clients! Overall they have been an internal advocate and talking to their colleagues in the business about it, proactively, without being nudged from us, which is huge. At the same time, we had positive feedback from our people internally. Once they started to use the software and understood how to make the most of it, they were amazed."
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Currently, Mosaic is our ongoing project where we are happy to say that future cooperation with Deallus is fortified with great understanding and mutual respect. As always, we give our best to be extremely responsive to address some of the feedback that clients have and to provide a software solution that our clients are expecting. Whether there are any questions and challenges, we are there for them. An approach like that is extremely important if we take into consideration our plans for further development. We wanted that design and setup are allowing further enhancements and customization development later. As Becky Karver added:

"So, we’ve got ourselves a based MVP that we want to build out in a certain area. We’ve laid a road to that and it feels really good. I was impressed with it. It is a quite complex system that worked perfectly. And when we find a bug it is fixed fast."

One of the best compliments we have received is confirmation that Mosaic is intuitive software and easy to use. Additionally, we have received amazing feedback from Deallus that these traits helped their employees to adapt fast, with a minimum amount of training. Knowing how complex this software is, we are proud to hear that our clients are feeling so comfortable with Mosaic.

"I think that another thing that Mosaic can bring us is increased collaboration. Just the idea of having everything you need for your projects in one place is great. The fact that we can more closely collaborate with our team members and our clients, the streamline of communication is greatly improved; and that is a strong benefit."

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