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2am.tech isn't your typical software development company.

We're your committed ally in embracing efficient tech solutions and transforming your business. With a versatile team combining Agile and DevOps practices and offering consultancy expertise, we provide tailored solutions and strategic guidance to optimize processes, secure top-notch professionals, cut costs, and boost your company's overall value. Departing from conventional corporate norms, our team breaks barriers, fostering a creative environment that turns your vision into reality.

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In the beginning, it was two co-founders - Matt and Antonio. They were engaged working together across two continents, Europe and North America. Their vision involved going beyond software to work with entrepreneurs who had incredible ideas for web and mobile applications. It was about moving those ideas into real, practical applications that would make a difference.

Matthew Tabin
Matthew Tabin
Co-innovator & CEO US division

Before co-founding 2amigos Consulting Group, Matt started his career as a systems administrator and software engineer. His career has progressed over the years from software engineer to web and web applications developer to project manager to vice president of development. With Matt, you get a great problem solver, dedicated communicator, team leader and project manager, an experienced developer, and an excellent data architect.

Antonio Ramirez Cobos
Antonio Ramirez Cobos
Co-innovator & CEO EU division

Tony developed his extensive understanding of customer experience and user design in one of the most competitive industries in the world — event and venue management. It is his diverse career history that enables Tony to see beyond the technical complexities of developing a web or mobile application to envision a robust digital environment for his customers.

Tony's unique blending of visual engagement, user interaction, and software architecture has created the foundation for much of 2amigos' best work.


In the next two years, we were six developers and designers — in Europe, North America, the Middle East, and Asia — working with entrepreneurs and small business owners. Some of the applications we worked on were new. Others existed already and needed refreshing. Our vision expanded beyond software to include a diverse workforce that will share our enthusiasm and support our needs. From the start, it was about our clients and supporting them in their development journey. Moreover, we all shared a sense of joy over creating something that had never existed before.

  • Aleksandar Panic
    Aleksandar Panić
  • Olja Tesic
    Olja Tešić
  • Vitaliy Shulyak
    Vitaliy Shulyak
  • Yuri Na
    Yu Ri Na

We were fifteen amazing people scattered over different continents, working together with movers, makers, and co-builders. We were bringing more dreams and ideas into reality and having fun with our clients in the process.


Today 2am.tech is an organization of system architects, project managers, developers, and designers. We count more than hundred people distributed throughout the world and still bringing dreams and ideas into real, practical applications with joy and playful hearts.

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