When S-Company approached us with their initial request, they explained to us that the processes and systems that performed admirably during their first year, now are outdated and cannot support their future business development. S-Company is a medical service billing business. Their idea is to shift the complexity of the medical service billing away from the medical providers, allowing them to do what they do best – delivering needed medical care. Additionally, they also wanted a business partner that would listen to their business and technical employees’ concerns and needs. By choosing, our client appreciated that, besides custom software, we could also offer technical advisement, brainstorming and feasibility studies, as well as tech support.


A tailor-made DMS.

S-Company understood the importance of automated systems and how automation can drive efficiency in their processes. To support their vision – even when the company was a startup – they were using packaged software to accomplish their goals. However, as their person in charge specified:

"We needed software that would support the new, refined processes of a more mature, dynamic business."

He further elaborated that:

"Employees were now receiving thousands of documents daily — checks, reports, correspondence, invoices — and using a system that was intended for a substantially lower volume of work."

Furthermore, they have explained that the license for their software was tens of thousands of dollars each year. Accordingly, their research indicated that an enterprise document management system with HIPAA compliance was out of reach from a cost perspective. Having in mind that this software couldn't be reconfigured to the company's current business requirements, they needed a partner with extensive experience to design and implement a tailor-made software to fit their needs.

Our culture of doing business, combined with our experience, helped us to understand S-Company’s challenges. As they noted:

"Mailroom employees were scanning all of these documents and indexing resulting digital files while moving them to various folders."

Accordingly, we conducted several joint discovery sessions with their business users and the technical team. We approached the challenge with agile development methodology in mind. In that way, within months, we have managed to enable the delivery of a cloud-based, configurable system that required a minimum amount of retraining and administration. Understanding our client’s needs we have established a DMS software that can handle petabytes of data, at the same time allowing employees to search and find needed documents within seconds. Being tailor-made software, DMS enabled role-based access that is specific to each user in the company. Additionally, we enabled:

  • Batch scanning
  • Batch file uploading
  • Document annotation
  • Leaving notes for specific documents
  • Document/page manipulation through rotation and scaling
  • Mounting shared drives as import sources for documents
  • Allowing document import through the web site
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Since S-Company already had a broad understanding of the automation process, we were delighted that they chose us as their partner to help them solve their challenges. Transforming manual processes into quick, accurate and configurable automated processes can speed up productivity and reduce human error. We had this in mind while providing our services to the S-Company. Moreover, developing a tailor-made software is always a smart investment in the long run. Knowing that you can avoid paying licenses and produce something that is suited perfectly to your way of doing business can save you from a lot of additional costs and problems.

"It is amazing that we’ve got ROI in 2.5 years even though the expectancy was at 3 years."

Finally, our fast-paced work helped to provide a minimally viable product (MVP) within three months, while the entire cloud-based, HIPAA compliant project, was launched within six months. Additionally, we migrated all of our client’s existing documents while maintaining their current indexing.

"Having in mind that our software was available within months of our initial request, we were amazed by its functionality and design."

Today, we are proud to say that DMS is integrated with the S-Company’s other software environments and continues to evolve with the organization with our full support.

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