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We’re counting days until goes live and we’re excited to see so many experts and companies join our waiting list!

Whether you’re on the waiting list or not, you might be wondering if you should be as excited as we are.

So, here’s an overview of the platform, its purpose and goals and ideas behind it. is a brand new hiring platform meant to make the recruitment process easier for both software development experts and companies looking to hire.

After ten years in the industry we’re aware that an absurd amount of time is wasted before there’s a match between experts and companies looking for software development expertise. Furthermore, even once they’re matched, productive collaboration is not guaranteed. is meant to bridge the gap between these two groups, support them both and allow them to focus entirely on what they do best: their work.
Since there are plenty of other hiring platforms already, it’s natural to wonder: what makes different?

When we say we do all the hiring, that is what we mean: all the hiring.

The only thing we absolutely need from the company is full cooperation during the discovery phase. Once we understand the idea behind the project at hand, we’ll be able to analyze its needs and offer one or more professionals that substantially meet project requirements.

Then it is up to our chosen proven professional to deliver excellent results, as agreed and on time.

Speaking of, skilled experts reading this post are surely wondering what’s in it for them, then.

  • We dislike lengthy screening processes as much as any professional looking for work. Therefore, our hiring process is transparent and carefully designed to test the candidate’s skills in a most efficient way.
  • Once candidates have proven their expertise, they are completely free to organize work as they see fit. We’re a fully remote company but we’re resolutely against micromanagement.
  • We don’t just connect clients with experts. Our work involves cultivating mutual respect, healthy boundaries and appreciation of a job well done.
  • We don’t charge recruitment fees and we respect the time and integrity of our clients and experts equally.

We’ve been in the industry for quite some time and we’ve seen candidates face all kinds of unnecessary complications.’s mission is to be a fair and hassle-free hiring platform that focuses on helping talented individuals find the companies in need of their talent.

  • There are no hiring fees, no wasting money and no risks involved.
  • Our expert base is constantly growing as we continue testing candidates’ skills and knowledge. We use this base to select proven professionals whose skills are aligned with each project’s requirements.
  • Whether a company is looking to expand an existing team or build a new one with our help, we offer scalable, flexible solutions that are easily adjusted to different needs and different budgets.
  • Once we know what the project requires, it is up to us to find a perfect match among our proven professionals.

With you don’t have to worry about candidate screening, it is completely risk-free and there are no hidden recruitment costs.
Whether as one of our future clients or experts, we wholeheartedly invite you to join our waiting list and become part of our mission to help great professionals find each other.

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