We've gotten ourselves a facelift - 2amigos is now!

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We are proud to announce 2amigos’ rebranding and our new visual identity which demonstrates the transformation of our company throughout the years. At the heart of the new brand is our new name with the symbol “2”, which is still the most visible element of our identity. We grew as a company, but we wanted to remain close to our core values. Dedicated to our workforce and our clients, it will always take two to create a valuable relationship and build upon it. Logo

Derived from the previous version of our logo, we opted for a bold and clean graphic statement. It represents what we stand for - a superb connection with our clients. In our interpretation of the logo, the bottom line represents us, the strong fundament of every cooperation, while the upper line represents the continued growth of our clients.

You see, we believed that the client should be more than just another customer. They should be a partner, and we should strive to exceed their expectations whenever possible. Why? Because like us, they are another relationship, and like any link, the stronger the connection the better the results. This is not just part of our culture. It is a methodology and understanding of what exactly we are all seeking and building. Matt Tabin, CEO

The new “fractional” logo is also representing the importance of each member. This company was founded under the idea to move away from the corporate mindset and micro-management. It was crucial to emphasize our workforce and clients.

We believe in the importance of creating bonds and committing to them. It takes at least two to connect, and that is what we did. This is how was born, from two friends with a common desire to deliver value and make it personal. Over the years we realized that we are not building products alone. We are creating greater connectivity. We became relational developers. Antonio Ramirez Cobos, CTO

With our new visual identity, we want to show that every fraction of this company appreciates our colleagues and friends at Mutual respect and understanding are deeply integrated into this company from the first day of its founding. Spreading these positive notions throughout the company is essential to create an atmosphere where our colleagues have the opportunity to get deep fulfillment and sincere happiness.

Throughout the years, we grew collectively and individually. Our professional evolution was built upon every single lesson from all the positive and negative challenges we faced. We took that level of confidence to create a daring visual identity that highlights our dedication to work, innovation, and the power of our special bond within the company that takes us #beyondsoftware to deliver.

It has been more than nine years since the company foundation. Today, we have people spread across all continents and all around the world. Although we still grow as a company, we are proud to say that we still cherish our core values from the beginning, and we will continue to do so in the future. Combining the agile mindset with pseudo-holacracy, we were able to preserve the fundamental idea upon which this company was founded. All these years, following and shaping our culture, we earned our client’s respect and their loyalty by delivering an unforgettable customer experience. We are still all about converting amazing ideas into real, practical applications that would make a difference.

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