We will have our first BFDD workshop!

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If you’re familiar with test-driven development, you know that TDD is a myth! But, you have to be wondering what is BFDD? Well, if you don’t know, you are a perfect candidate for this very first workshop. It is one of a kind - Bug-Free-Driven Development workshop.

With our vast experience in the IT industry, for many years, we looked for a way to enhance our development processes and satisfy our customers. Finally, the solution is here. It is a fast, simple and reliable way of providing IT services - write a code, but without bugs.

Inspired by the client's requirements, one of our brightest minds in the company Alexis Panicmode, came to the perfect idea:

I was looking for the best code optimization under a certain pressure. Then it came to me, simple as it is - I’ll start writing the code without any bugs, and it paid off!

Everybody in the company was amazed by that approach and started to implement it. However, there were some skeptics among our colleagues at They thought we should respect agile and classic SDLC, but they were wrong. BFDD is much better and cheaper than the old ways, as we don’t need testers or Project Managers to stand in the way of the product delivery.

We want to enforce all developers to not make bugs and go with BFDD. Also, we want to share the idea with everyone in the IT industry. Accordingly, in our marketing strategy for this workshop, we opted for a simple motto that reflects our way of thinking -  Just don’t do it. Our creative expert Slavi Carpentar explained briefly:

The essence of marketing is to simply present something complicated. Although our new development concept is out of the highest complexity, we wanted to be clean, precise, and on point with the workshop marketing strategy. The biggest challenge was encouraging people not to make bugs and embrace this new approach. I mean, bugs are bad for your code. We didn't understand why developers are doing it. At that very moment Just don’t do it came to life. It is original, totally different from everything else on the market, brave and bold. Just don’t do it is not simply a motto, it is an entire philosophy.

The benefits of the workshop are

  • Complex comprehension of how to write bug-free code
  • How not to do it
  • Hustle your clients
  • Completely disregard unit testing
  • Permanently silence the QA team

This workshop is free of charge. However, after completing this workshop and becoming good in BFDD we only ask for a small compensation. A symbolic 24% of your yearly salary for the following three years.

Application is open for everyone, but we will give the advantage to the following categories:

  • Night Elfs
  • Lego Batman
  • Avengers
  • Scrum Masters with strong technical knowledge
  • Unicorns

Send your application to

This is a work of fiction for the April fools’. Any similarity to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events, is purely coincidental. Or is it?

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