Marketing On The Way to Marrakech

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I’m sitting on a train in Morocco that we caught in Mohammedia and it’s taking us to Marrakech. In my mind, I hear Graham Nash’s melody lilting in the background.

Would you know we're riding
On the Marrakesh Express
All on board that train
I've been saving all my money just to take you there
I smell the garden in your hair.

A friend and I planned this trip over a year ago. Now here we are on the African continent seeing people and cities that up to now we’ve only imagined. She sits across from me in her seat working away on her computer while I am busy making adjustments to a marketing plan submitted several months ago.

The trains in Morocco are punctual and reliable. This train is no different. Since it’s a “long haul” train, as opposed to the more frequent local runs, the accommodations in first class are tucked away in quiet cars with fez-topped men pushing carts full of snacks and beverages.

I’ve paused my work on the marketing plan changes to marvel at my present situation. I’m on my way to Marrakech for a date with a camel to ride into the Atlas Mountains! I’m also working.

My colleagues are aware that I’m momentarily unavailable. Although I’ve already received and sent numerous text messages back and forth. Thank you Telecom du Maroc and T-Mobile. My roaming service has been remarkably good here.

I also love that Matt and Tony (Our CEO and CTO at 2am.) encourage my traveling. When I announced during a meeting last summer that I was going to Morocco, Matt and Tony applauded. At the time Matt was living in Barcelona while I was in Argentina. Tony was in Mallorca.

Not everyone at travels. Roughly 25% of the current employees are moving around the globe. Even though some of us are highly mobile, work is completed and clients are happy.

As for me, I’m working on marketing on the way to Marrakech!

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