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A Design Index is a 5-day prototyping process that lets you test your product with real users before you’ve spent a penny on building anything.

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What if you could increase your confidence in product-market fit?

A design sprint addresses that shortfall through a set of activities that turn an “idea” into something that has a greater chance of seeing the light of day and succeeding in the marketplace.

Grounded in a deep understanding of the relevant business sector it is geared to produce an output that is not only user-centric but vetted for tangible business impact.

Product market
Checking your solution across user, business, and stakeholder needs will keep you safe from blind spots.
  • Optimize your budget
    Optimize your budget

    The real financial gain of a Design Index is not the time saved on the visual design. It is above all the work on the consistency of the experience and simplification of features. All that has been simplified will not be part of the project and will therefore not be developed.

  • Less risk, more speed
    Less risk, more speed

    Save yourself months of design, engineering and development costs. You’ll be able to get your product, idea or feature to market faster because you’ll be focused on the right thing.

    The ROI can be huge if you build a solution that resonates with people. And if you invalidate the idea, you just saved potentially months of development time and capital you can now devote to other ideas

Develop the core vision for the future solution

Many companies assume they know their customers and apply past learnings to the present day. This commonly leads to a false understanding of the user.

  • Get an immediate result
  • Test the potential of your concept without investing in code
  • Boost your creativity and keep the good ideas
  • Limit the risk level and be able to pivot your project if needed
  • Maximize your return on investment
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Future solutions

Design Index brings innovation for your business

Design Sprints are a great tool to insert into your innovation program. They are well suited because they are lightweight and deliver infectious outcomes.

It’s a repeatable methodology that works seamlessly with a well-implemented agile operating model, akey element in building successful innovationinto a core capability of an organization.

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Design Index generates business, saves money and helps you define and mount an MVP with validation plan in the market

Gaining deeper insights into your biggest business problems

Design sprints are a problem-solving tool. Any product, process or business problem can be explored with a sprint where the best ideas can be tested and validated.

How we can sprint together

We leverage a combination of design thinking methods with sprints and business innovation canvases curating the approach for each partner we co-create with.

During the design sprint workshops, we align stakeholders around a defined challenge and rapidly prototype and test realistic solutions with real users.

sprint together
  • Monday

    Frame the challenge and define the success criteria. Map the user experience and identify where to focus.

  • Tuesday

    Individually brainstorm multiple solutions. Sketch the most promising solution ideas.

  • Wednesday

    Decide which solution to prototype.
    Develop a detailed storyboard to the solution.

  • Thursday

    Build a realistic façade of the solution. Complete a dry run of user testing.

  • Friday

    Test the prototype with real users.
    Create a roadmap for next steps.

Running a Design Sprint is just a beginning to solving the problem.

It might take longer with highly complex products or when running multiple product variants. It will likely take multiple Design Sprints to truly get the product where it needs to be.

After Sprint

Building a pipeline of actionable next-steps

Every sprint ends with an actionable to-do. One week of work could lead to a year’s worth of solutions, features, and ideas.

Getting timeline and budget numbers help you identify potential trade offs, shaping the core experience while providing visibility int o the costs of the potential long term roadmap.

What are the outcomes?

  • Writing out the user stories in detail
  • Outlining all assumptions
  • Creating a product roadmap
  • MVP functionality and subsequent releases
  • Timeline and budget estimate
De-risk an idea and earn the resources to build an MVP, in very little time and with very low cost.
  • Why us?

  • Skills & knowledge

    We have the skills and knowledge to convert your site visitors into customers, and they can have a positive impact on your overall success online.
  • Proven experience

    We provide the highest quality and most beneficial experience to users of your product.
  • Strategy, design, and technology

    We believe that what you do matters more than what you say. We use strategy, design, and technology to create transformative experiences that impact your customers, employees, and business.
  • Functional design

    We don’t just build good-looking products. We aim to create designs with functionalities that meet your business needs, help you achieve your goals quicker, and deliver a positive user experience and feel.
  • Enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty

    Our user experience design services help you enhancecustomer satisfaction and loyalty by improving the pleasure, usability, and ease of use in the interaction between your clients and your product.

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We provide the highest quality and most beneficial experience to your product's users

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